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Procrastinator Series: Design Green & Healthy Built Environments with Natural Wood Flooring (CE)
December 5



We live and work almost entirely indoors. This course is about our relationship with the materials we specify and the health and well-being of the humans. We are in a technology age and are moving further away from our ageless and instinctual tendency to be outside and in natural world. It is difficult to find any connection to nature in modern interior spaces. We have tried to improve, through the technological advances, to have “better and less expensive” building materials. Porcelain tiles, polymer surfaces like LVT and lots of “easy to clean” surfaces are prevalent.

How does this affect our health if we directly interact with multiple unknown ingredients in our materials? How does science show the positive and negative effects? Can we incorporate safer more natural products in our spaces? How does the choice to use organic surfaces directly from the woodland change the budget and what cost does the human body pay if we don’t?

Fortunately, there is one entirely natural solution we can always depend on to help us feel better, study harder and heal faster. You will learn how to use and understand the quality of natural wood surfaces for interiors instead of the look-alike products you are used to and the difference between what you think is wood and what is a healthy natural wood.